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The Scottish Barista Academy receives Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Accreditation

The Specialty Coffee Association has awarded The Scottish Barista Academy its prestigious Premier Training accreditation, making The Scottish Barista Academy the first premier training academy in the United Kingdom and Ireland to offer courses in all modules of the Coffee Skills Programme.
Located centrally in Livingston, Scotland, the Scottish Barista Academy has consistently demonstrated compliance with the Specialty Coffee Association’s standards of excellence in terms of their provision of educational and learning environments, high-end training and facilities.
The Specialty Coffee Association is the world’s leading professional organisation promoting excellence in quality coffee and draws together professionals from all aspects of the coffee industry. The coffee skills programme aims to improve global coffee standards through furthering knowledge and education and consists of a number of different modules.
Jim Watson – Accredited Specialty Trainer – commented that the best operators understand the importance of investing in a Barista’s coffee journey. They know that great coffee requires more than just great beans and equipment. Jim’s training courses help Baristas to develop a sound understanding of sourcing, production, taste and brewing. Crucially, Jim and his team help instill the knowledge, passion and delivery that sit at the heart of the most successful coffee businesses.
Owen Thom, Training and Quality representative at the Specialty Coffee Association commented how pleased he was to advise alongside Jim Watson who’s commitment to excellence means that Specialty Coffee Association’s new Coffee Skills Programme will be taught to coffee professionals across the United Kingdom and Ireland by the most qualified Accredited Specialty Trainer in Europe.
The Scottish Barista Academy trains people seeking Foundation, Intermediate and Professional accreditation in any of the SCA Coffee Skills Program modules which count towards the SCA Diploma.
Call 07720 509457 or email us info@scottishbaristaacademy.com for more information.

Specialty Coffee Association Trainer


“I recently attended Jim’s school to cover the foundation in Sensory, Brewing and Barista. I have to say that Jim’s passion for his art and skills are second to none. Over the three days, I became totally absorbed and gained a wealth of knowledge both theoretical and practical.
I have much more to learn of course but I feel I can now move forward in achieving my personal goal of setting up my own speciality coffee shop. Of course, and it’s reassuring to know, Jim is there to support whenever its required.
Thank you Jim!”

Darren King
Electrical and Energy Management Solutions Ltd